The Small Strides Philosophy

At Small Strides we recognize the value of every child. We know that the smallest steps lead to the biggest accomplishments. Oue goal is to provide quality care and education that benefits the child, parents, and community alike.

The Small Strides philosophy is based on the idea that children learn best through experience and play. Play gives children a natural environment in which they can manipulate objects and their surroundings and make choices that are interesting to them. Play stimulates a child's curiosity and gives a child the opportunity to explore, experience, and succeed. At Small Strides, we believe the learning environment should allow children to develop at their own pace in a loving, happy environment that offers creativity and intellectual inspiration while giving a child the opportunity to develop all aspects of themselves physically, intellectually, creatively socially, and emotionally. Our ultimate goal is to give children a sense of belonging while offering age-appropriate activities and curriculum. We believe the early childhood environment needs to be an environment full of trust and respect so that a child will feel welcome and safe. We believe the most important thing a child can gain from a preschool and childcare setting is to be happy and confident.